Become a Professional


The course for professionals is a great opportunity to explore the underwater world and its habitants and to share your knowledge and experience with the students that you will train. Day after day, the PADI professionals are payed for doing the very things they love and by helping other divers to reach their desired level of expertise.

The professional divers are owners of diving centers, they are educators, they travel all around the world, take part in interesting happenings. Becoming a professional means that you won`t stay from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the office anymore. You will discover a lot of new opportunities. Imagine the work that you will love and do with readiness and satisfaction every morning.

The diving industry is developing very successfully - today the vacancies are much more than the professionals who have the necessary skills to do the job. To make a career in PADI you need only a good will. You define your goals, and the PADI system will help you achieve them at convenient time and place.



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