Mopang Shipwreck


An American cargo steamship of the type of so-called Liberty Ships.

Built by Submarine Boat /a New Jersey shipyard owned by Electric Boat Company /later General Dynamics/. The ship was made according to a special program of the US Shipping Board related to the order of 150 identical ships with a view to compensating for the losses from the war. Launched on 20.01.1920. Displacement 3545 GRT. 1500 horsepower engine. Single screw.



Lying in very good condition on its starboard at a depth of between 22 and 32 meters. Height from the bottom – 10 meters. The main damage from the explosion is to the bow section of the ship. Clearly discernible are the superstructures, parts of the funnel and deck. The holds and some of the cabins are freely accessible. Parts of the cargo – a heap of boots, wooden boxes with spare parts, etc. are visible in the holds. The screw with a diameter of around three meters and the stern hoist are in place. The anchor chain slides along the hull and sinks into the silt on the bottom. Probably the anchor chain came loose at the time of sinking and wound itself around the ship.



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