Sаfak Shipwreck

A Turkish cargo steamship. Launched in 1888. Displacement 330 GRT. On 23.05.1942, while traveling from Burgas to Istanbul, it was unsuccessfully attacked with two torpedoes by the Soviet Sht-205 submarine, not far away from Tsarevo. Fearing a repeat attack, the captain of Sefak turned ashore and dropped anchor. The ship’s fate was decided: shooting now at a stationary target, Suhomlinov, the submarine captain, sent the steamship to the bottom with the next two torpedoes. All nine crew members managed to save their lifes.



Today the ship is found about 50 meters from the shore, at a depth of 10-16 meters. Discernible is a part of the stern with the screw and three-meter helm, as well as a multitude of debris over some hundred meters area. Part of the cargo comprising sanitary faience and tiles inscribed "Made in Hungary" is scattered over the rocky bottom.


Among the fragments one can see a part of the torpedo that probably hit the ship in the middle. The Sefak is about 50 meters long, it lies with the bow pointing out to sea.





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