U-boat Щ-210

On June 12, 13 and 26th, 2007, the Black Sea Technical Diving team (BSTD) - Vladimir Yavashev, Michail Zaimov and Rossen Jelyazkov realized the first dives to the Russian submarine "Щ-210" sunken near the Shabla cape in Bulgaria. The expedition is part of a project for localization and investigation of the Soviet submarines sunken near the Bulagrain Black sea coastline during the World War II. The team performed 6 dives to the sub, found in 1983 at depth of 60m. The divers attached a memorial plate, took many photographs and videotaped the site.



The "Щ-210" submarine sunk in front of the Shabla cape in March 1942. All 47 sailors on board were lost. According to the preliminary conclusions of the team the sub found suffered heavy damage caused by the Romanian S-15 mine fence, installed by the vessel "Murgesku", or by a Bulgarian mine fence made by German UMA anti-submarine mines.







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