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Scuba diving didn’t become popular until the late 1940’s—and it was not an accepted activity for women until recently. Yet figures suggest about one third of new participants are scuba women! Equipment reviews, online scuba courses, and accessible beginner classes have all made women feel safer and more secure with scuba and snorkeling for themselves and their families. It has become a focus of SSI to reach out to our potential female divers.

diveSSI Image: ladies01 It was Jacques-Yves Cousteau who described the scuba diver’s undersea environment as “The Silent World,” and it is this sense of peace and awe at nature’s underwater wonders that attracts all divers, time and time again. Scuba diving becomes, for many women, a rare moment of peace and meditation, away from the many obligations of career, motherhood, relationships, and family. It is a pastime many have found to be soothing, healing and therapeutic.

A large part of women’s comfort with scuba has come from relatively recent technological advances which have made diving safer, more predictable, and more comfortable for new divers. SSI Training Programs for beginners are thorough and well-structured to work at the student’s own pace while simultaneously working steadily to get divers underwater.

New kinds of wetsuits, fins and tanks are geared towards women. Reviews of this new equipment highlight specific comfort-engineering for women in the shape and size of the wetsuits, the weight of the tanks, and the aesthetic options there are out there today. In addition, usability of scuba equipment has improved greatly over the past two decades. Scuba is now accessible to anyone, and this ease of access has helped to considerably increase the number of women involved.

Women are finding that their kids and families love scuba and it provides the perfect opportunity to bond as a family.

There are no cell phones underwater!

The serene world of colorful fish and other sea life, the slow movement of coral and underwater plant life…scuba offers so many curiosities to explore. For women who yearn for an adventure they can call their own, scuba has become a pastime that will continue to grow in popularity.

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  • Try a trip to the beach with the family. Discover the fascinating ocean floor in safe, shallow diving. There is no better activity that the entire family can enjoy while building lifetime shared experiences and bonding moments. Beach days will never be the same again!
  • Take a scuba class with a girlfriend, and discover a new kind of Girl’s Day Out! Staying physically active in a stress-free environment is a healthy and exciting new way to spend quality friend time.
  • Talk your spouse into a romantic getaway—and go scuba diving in the Caribbean, on the Maldives, in the Mediterranean, or Hawaii…choose your dream destination, and then create memories you’ll savor for the rest of your life!
  • Get away from it all with a course for yourself—JUST yourself. There are SSI Locations and Classes even in landlocked areas, where you can begin a hobby that offers peacefulness and important you time, away from the stresses of daily life.



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