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Dive into a foreign world. Colorful, mysterious, exciting. Gliding through the "World of Silence," as Jacques Cousteau said - that is the fascination of diving. Millions of people have already caught the diving bug, and more catch it every day. It doesn't matter how old you are, even in old age, diving can be a limitless pleasure.
Scuba diving is a fascinating experience, even for older people. Of course, seniors must be medically examined before they start dive training - just like any other age group. This can be done by visiting a specialist for diving and hyperbaric medicine. If the heart and lungs are fine, you can start your "diving career!"


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Water sports support and improve general health, even in older people. The buoyancy of water reduces the impact on the body - and can reduce age-related problems that may otherwise occur in sports, games and gymnastics. The blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced simultaneously, and the lungs are better ventilated. In addition, diving strengthens the muscles due to the resistance of the water.

Look forward to new challenges and dive into a new world! Diving is a wonderful sport that has it all, with exciting action from start to finish. What ever you are looking for - a training program with SSI will prepare you well on your adventure!



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