Business System
Business System

Scuba Schools International - More Than a Certification Agency.

diveSSI Image: DiversDiamond SSI is an education and business support organization that makes strategic decisions based on our Dive Centers’ best interest. This may seem strange coming from a company which funds itself on the sales of educational training materials for divers but that is the point. Diver certification is only a part of what SSI does.

We pride ourselves on being the only organization that offers a proven system that combines education with equipment sales and travel. Our approach targets and evaluates each of the six profit centers of your dive business and then selects a program, product or service from the “SSI Tool Kit” which is appropriate for the job based on your store’s needs.

It is our goal to improve your profitability and success by utilizing fully developed business strategies and high quality educational programs. Although SSI doesn’t immediately profit from this recommendation, over the long run it becomes a win-win scenario. Through the development of loyal customers you have created an ongoing pipeline of business that will increase your bottom line, as well as ours. Your success equals our success.

Your Benefits


The SSI system is the most flexible and adaptable education system in the industry. The possibility to adapt the standards to the local conditions and student needs enables SSI Dive Centers and Dive Resorts to offer real world programs in order to train safe and competent divers.

The foundation for flexibility is the 80/20 rule. This rule means that only 80% of the scope are provided by the teaching system and 20% of the scope are based on the decision of the Instructor. By this SSI Dive Professionals are not squeezed into an "over-standardized" teaching system and can enjoy themselves by being able to integrate their experiences into the training . This feature benefits the individual development of the students and helps to train loyal divers.

SSI - Your Partner! SSI stands for flexibility. But this is not enough, every single Dive Professional and each Dive Dive Center/Dive Resort are treated like a "true partner".

Your suggestions are important to us and will be discussed directly with the people in charge. Great ideas are processed fast and so you can have a true impact on “your partner in training“. That is why SSI is one of the fastest growing training agencies in the world.

Two Distinct Systems

Systems are the tools that drive a business. SSI is no different. Our Business and Education Systems have been built to help Dive Centers combine running a scuba school with the rest of their diving business. This innovative systematic approach helps you run your business so it’s more profitable, teaches you how to acquire and retain loyal customers, and shows you how to apply the best training methods available on the market today.

1) The Education System is our family of products, services and courses that support your dive center and instructional team.

2) The Business System is our family of products and services that support your retail sales, staff, travel, repair, and rental profit centers.

SSI is the only organization that offers a proven method of combining education and business, so students learn to dive and become loyal customers. Our systems support your business by integrating a sales and marketing psychology that creates the “why to buy” for customers. When the system is applied it will help in successfully reaching your store’s primary goals of selling classes, equipment and dive travel.

Two Unique SSI Business Models

Business models are set up to create consistency. This in turn builds comfort and confidence in your front-line employees and customers. SSI promotes two models: one for operating your business and the other for training your customers.

diveSSI Image: CLC

1) SSI Business Model


SSI’s business model is based on a four step process we call our “Customer Loyalty Cycle.” By utilizing the cycle SSI Dive Centers can acquire new students and convert them into loyal customers.

Step 1. Customer Acquisition: The assurance phase

Step 2. Customer Development: The education and bonding phase

Step 3. Customer Commitment: The sales phase

Step 4. Customer Retention: The continuation and activity phase

2) SSI Student Training Model


At SSI we strongly believe that there is a difference between learning to dive and becoming a diver. An integral part of converting new students into loyal customers is the SSI Diver Diamond. It can be seen throughout each of our training programs and is the tool we utilize for developing long-term customers.

The Diver Diamond represents the four critical components necessary for successful diver development; proper knowledge, proper skills, proper equipment, and proper experience.

Retail Training


In order to help you implement SSI’s various systems we provide all SSI Dive Centers and facility managers with an opportunity to attend Scuba University. Scuba University is designed to help develop business strategies and apply them into every aspect of your business.

SSI’s annual, “International Dealer Conference” was designed specifically for SSI Dive Centers. It’s a chance for Dive Centers to learn new strategies and techniques, be informed and trained on new SSI products and programs, and share concepts and ideas with each other.

No matter where you are located, SSI provides your store with a personal Business Consultant, as well as an in-house Customer Service Representative. Your personal Business Consultant is dedicated to helping you understand and implement all of SSI’s various business support and educational programs. Your Service Center is available to you Monday - Friday. They are dedicated to helping you with all of your purchasing needs and training related questions.



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