Jaques Fressinet Shipwreck


A French cargo steamship built in France in 1914. According to unconfirmed data, at the time of perishing it was sailing under Bulgarian flag. Between the two wars, the ship owner Fraissinet & Co was maintaining permanent commercial services between the port of Burgas and an Istanbul port with several ships. The ship sank into the thick fog on 15.02.1929 in the Kurakya inlet off Maslen cape after a collision into the ice covered coastal cliffs. In the 50’s the ship was blown up underwater by captain Botsanevski for the purpose of recovering the cargo and pieces of the hull. Even today we can see on the coast, like a silent witness, the small concrete pedestal of the winch used to salvage parts of the ship.



The wreckage is lying with the stern to the shore at a distance of some 30 meters from the land. Certain items of cargo can be discerned such as the steam boilers, parts of the deck, a few pipes and rails. The depth is between 18 and 24 meters. Parts of the ship are scattered over an area of around one hundred meters.





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