Education System
Education System

Our Training Philosophy

Each of our Training Programs is based on our Diver Diamond Methodology, which focuses on the proper knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience required in becoming a highly qualified diver.

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Proper Knowledge

SSI Training provides the information and tools necessary to develop you into a safe and confident diver.

Proper Skills

Under the guidance of an SSI Instructor, you will learn the correct skills and techniques associated with scuba diving to make sure you are comfortable during your underwater adventures

Proper Equipment

You will learn the importance of knowing how your equipment works and how owning quality equipment is vital to your safety.

Proper Experience

The more you dive the better your diving skills will become. SSI will provide you with a variety of opportunities both local and destination to keep your scuba diving experiences going.

Our Training Methodology

Your learning experience will come alive with personalized instruction that puts your skills to use in reality-based training scenarios. Our unique approach to dive training is known as:

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Comfort through Repetition

By practicing each skill you’ve learned throughout each level of your training, your actions become conditioned responses - second nature! SSI training ensures you retain what you’ve already learned, while you continue to learn more. As a result, diving remains fun, not an exercise in memory recall or mental gymnastics.

SSI’s Total Systems Approach

SSI - Scuba Schools International has developed three systems to help you acquire the proper knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience necessary for quality long-term diving.

diveSSI Image: OWD_kit Total Teaching System

SSI’s educational system allows you to choose when you want to study, so you can learn the information at your own pace, when it best fits into your schedule. In-class and pool training will reinforce everything you have learned.

Supported by FREE online academics, an interactive learn how to scuba dive DVD, classroom training, full-color manual, dive tables, training record, and a supplement review, you can learn the academics at your own pace.

All of these items are a part of SSI’s total teaching system, which captivates students young and old, and makes instructing fun and multi-faceted. You choose the way that you are most comfortable learning. Whether it’s in the classroom, online or in the comfort of your own home — it’s up to you.

Total Diving System

The Total Diving System includes all the equipment you need to explore the spectacular underwater world. When you first begin training, you will be introduced to your Total Diving System and the importance of knowing and understanding your scuba equipment.

Total DiveLog System

The SSI Total DiveLog System organizes every aspect of your diving experiences. Over time it will become one of your most valuable possessions.

  • It is your record of training.
  • Helps you plan dives, and track diving experiences.
  • Records your equipment purchases and servicing history.
  • Stores your certification cards, equipment warranty cards, airline tickets and trip itineraries.

Getting Certified with SSI’s 1-2-3 Approach

Scuba Schools International’s 1-2-3 Approach is a natural learning progression with the goal of developing ability and comfort so you can really enjoy diving.

Step 1 = Study Academics at Home

SSI’s educational system allows you to choose when you want to study, so you can learn the information at your own pace, when it best fits into your schedule. In-class and pool training will reinforce everything you have learned.

Start your adventure today with our top-rated home study program. At your convenience, and in the comfort of your own home, you can do the Online Training program or review the text of the full-color manual, supported by an interactive DVD, you can learn the academics at your own pace.

You have the ability to practice review questions with the DVD. If the question is answered incorrectly the DVD will automatically take you to the part of the video that contains the correct information. This new application can also be used by Instructors to support learning during classroom sessions.

We want to make sure you are in good health for diving, so we require that you complete a confidential medical questionnaire. Developed by a committee of noted diving physicians, the questionnaire screens for certain medical conditions. If you have one of these conditions, it will be necessary for you to visit a physician.

Step 2 = Complete Academic Review & Pool Sessions

With SSI’s exclusive water training method, Comfort Through Repetition, and personalized instruction from your SSI Instructor, you will experience the satisfaction of becoming comfortable and proficient with your equipment and scuba skills. After your academic and equipment review session, it is off to the pool to become comfortable and proficient with your new scuba skills and equipment under the guidance of a professional SSI Instructor.

Step 3 = Complete Open Water Certification Dives

Let’s go diving! You will join your Instructor for two exciting days of scuba diving. There you will apply all the knowledge and skills from steps 1 and 2. You can make the dives locally or join a scheduled trip to a diving destination. A referral can also be arranged if you already have a vacation planned.



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