PLK - 43


PLK43 the Aggressive is one of the six antisubmarine vessels / corvettes / built during project 204 in Zelanodolsk through the period 1961-1968, and sold by the Navy of the USSR to the Navy of Bulgaria.

Displacement: 439/555 tons full Dimensions: length 58.6 m, width 8.2 m, draft 3.1 m Speed: 36 knots. Two gas turbines D2E propulsion with power 36,000 hp / 2 X 18 000 PS /, 2 diesel engines M-504A with power of 4750 hp, 2 screws.



The ship’s propulsion system was exceptional for its time. Screws driven by the diesel engines are placed in tubes thrust chambers which creates additional thrust by pumping air from the two independent gas turbo compressors with 36,000 hp power. Area of operation: 2500 miles at a speed of 14.5 knots, 1500 miles at 18 knots. Armament: 1 double-artillery 57 mm. AK725 4 bow +2 deck 533-mm torpedo apparatus (12 torpedoes), 1 100 mm and 1 45 mm cannons. Crew: 58 people.



After being decommissioned in 1994, in sea towage to Turkey, where it was supposed to be cut for scrap, it sank to a depth of 50 meters. Found and investigated on the bottom from BSTD, the first dives took place in 2007.



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